Part 2: Recap

Devlin O’Brien’s life grows more complicated with every passing hour.  Ever since his former partner Asher Knight betrayed him on a job, situations have conspired to keep him on the back-foot for entirely too long.  First, there was the jailbreak he never asked for, in Paris; then, the impromptu infiltration of a German beer hall; then, he was forced to work with the Bratva lieutenant, Stanislav Novikof, and the bomb maker, Anton Levchenko, to slip away from an attempted assassination in Ukraine.  All of those trials paled in comparison to his trip back to America, where he had to warn, and ultimately join forces with, his ex-wife Sarah Ford.

Together, they resolve to steal a specific crown from the Museum of London, before Asher can do the job himself.  In doing so, they hope to flush out the madman and to disrupt whatever plans he has in motion.  To accomplish that, though, they need transportation and a base of operations.  The transportation problem solves itself as soon as they touch down in London, when Devlin encounters the French cabdriver he’d met back in London: Michel St. Laurents, recently in the city on a vacation from Paris.  The cab driver cheerfully offers himself as a taxi, and the pair decide, after a brief discussion, to keep the more sensitive details of their business to themselves.

Devlin attempts to lay out some preliminary plans with Sarah, when he reaches his hotel.  Their meeting is interrupted by a phone call from Asher himself.  Threats are made, on both sides, and vague references to Asher’s master plan are dropped.  Sarah and Devlin manage to piece together some weak theories from Asher’s phrasing and word choice, but nothing concrete enough to actually use.  The night’s only tangible benefit comes in the form of a single ticket to the museum’s opening gala…a perfect opportunity for a first look at the museum’s security system, provided by the same mysterious benefactor that arranged the jailbreak, pointed Devlin at Asher like a gun, and provided just enough information to entice Sarah back into the game.

The following day, Michel drives Devlin out to Savile Row, where he commissions a new suit, in order to look the part when he attends the gala.  Suzie Taylor, his longtime friend and tailor, provides him with a masterwork and, after some consideration, throws in a vest for good measure.  Properly attired, Devlin’s next destination is the museum itself.  With the help of some new toys, the surveillance goes perfectly.  Sarah sets to work infiltrating the museum’s surprisingly robust network security, while Devlin schmoozes with the local movers and shakers.

Things proceed more or less as planned – barring a brief encounter with a brusque noble, followed by a literal run-in with an unsettlingly disconnected woman – until Devlin’s sight begins to grow blurry.  It is only just before he fully loses consciousness that he realizes what must have transpired: poison.

Waking sometime later, Devlin manages to free himself from the trunk of a car, only to discover that he doesn’t know where he is or how to get back to London.  The only landmark in sight is a large warehouse.  Without any other choice, however, Devlin chooses to go into the warehouse.  More trickery ensues, leading to the revelation that the warehouse serves as a massive repository for drugs, before Devlin gets close enough to discover his whereabouts.  He is stopped by a familiar voice: not just Asher, but also the girl from the gala.  Mila aggressively negotiates with Asher for a chance to see Devlin before whatever horrors will be visited on the Irishman in the future.  Just as she wins, Devlin is discovered by one of the warehouse’s guards.  Despite his best efforts, he is captured once more and carried to a windowless room, watched by an unblinking camera.

When Mila visits him in his captivity, Devlin expects the worst.  He is shocked when, for reasons he cannot fathom, she returns his lost earbud while Sarah, active at her end of the connection, shuts off power to the warehouse lights.  Devlin barely has enough time to consider his next step.  The unusual woman frees him in a whirlwind of violence and, with Sarah in his ear, Devlin manages to reach the nearest train station.  Instead of going into hiding, though, he decides to use this rare advantage and moves to steal the crown that very night.

The heist proceeds well enough, until Devlin accidentally trips an unknown alarm system.  As the window of time to escape grows thin, Sarah is forced to include Michel into their plan and to count on his skills as a driver to provide Devlin with a getaway.  The Frenchman performs perfectly under pressure and Devlin leaves the museum with his life…and with the crown.

With the job finished, the trio part ways for the night, to recuperate and to figure out their next step.  At least, recuperation had been the idea.  Exhausted and drained, Devlin opens his hotel room door, only to be confronted by the giant from Paris; the woman who’d saved his life, Mila; and someone new.  An elegant lady with flame red hair and graceful legs, wearing a pitch black dress.

When he decided to undertake this one last job, there was no way for Devlin to anticipate the weight of leadership.  As situations spiral further out of control, and the stakes escalate ever higher, it’s all that he can do to point his chin to the sky, despite the weight of the crown he’s taken upon himself and all the responsibilities that come with it.



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