Table of Contents

Part One: With Friends Like These…

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Twelve

Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty-One

Chapter Twenty-Two(Sarah)

Chapter Twenty-Three(Sarah)

Chapter Twenty-Four(Sarah)

Chapter Twenty-Five

Part 1: Recap

Side Stories

The Benefit Job (Sarah)

Interludes: The Florence Job

The Florence Job, Part 1 (Alex)

The Florence Job, Part 2 (Devlin)

The Florence Job, Part 3 (Sarah)

Part Two: Heavy is the Head

Chapter Twenty-Six

Chapter Twenty-Seven

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Chapter Thirty

Chapter Thirty-One

Chapter Thirty-Two

Chapter Thirty-Three

Chapter Thirty-Four

Chapter Thirty-Five

Chapter Thirty-Six

Chapter Thirty-Seven

Chapter Thirty-Eight

Chapter Thirty-Nine

Chapter Forty

Chapter Forty-One

Part 2 Recap

Interludes: After The Warehouse

After The Warehouse (Emilia)

After the Warehouse (Asher)

After The Warehouse (Adlai)

Part Three: Bird Without Wings

Chapter Forty-Two

Chapter Forty-Three

Chapter Forty-Four

Chapter Forty-Five

Chapter Forty-Six

Chapter Forty-Seven

Chapter Forty-Eight

Chapter Forty-Nine

Chapter Fifty

Chapter Fifty-One

Chapter Fifty-Two

Chapter Fifty-Three

Chapter Fifty-Four

Chapter Fifty-Five

Chapter Fifty-Six

Chapter Fifty-Seven

Chapter Fifty-Eight

Chapter Fifty-Nine

Chapter Sixty

Chapter Sixty-One

Chapter Sixty-Two

Chapter Sixty-Three

Part 3: Recap

Interludes: All The World’s A Game

The Concierge

The Drug Lord

The Mercenary

Part Four: Most Wanted

Chapter Sixty-Four

Chapter Sixty-Five

Chapter Sixty-Six

Chapter Sixty-Seven

Chapter Sixty-Eight

Chapter Sixty-Nine

Chapter Seventy

Chapter Seventy-One

Chapter Seventy-Two

Chapter Seventy-Three

Chapter Seventy-Four

Chapter Seventy-Five

Chapter Seventy-Six

Chapter Seventy-Seven

Chapter Seventy-Eight

Chapter Seventy-Nine

Chapter Eighty

Chapter Eighty-One

Chapter Eighty-Two

Chapter Eighty-Three

Chapter Eighty-Four

Chapter Eighty-Five

Chapter Eighty-Six

Chapter Eighty-Seven

Chapter Eighty-Eight

Chapter Eighty-Nine

Chapter Ninety

Chapter Ninety-One

Part 4: Recap

Interlude: From The Ashes

First Sighting

Second Sighting

Third Sighting

Part Five: Noblesse Oblige

Chapter Ninety-Two

Chapter Ninety-Three

Chapter Ninety-Four

Chapter Ninety-Five

Chapter Ninety-Six

Chapter Ninety-Seven

Chapter Ninety-Eight

Chapter Ninety-Nine

Chapter 101

Chapter 102

Chapter 103

Chapter 104

Chapter 105

Chapter 106

Chapter 107

Chapter 108

Chapter 109

Chapter 110

Chapter 111

Chapter 112

Chapter 113

Chapter 114

Chapter 115

Part 5: Recap

Interlude: Developmental Theory

Competence vs. Inferiority (Eleven Years Old)

Intimacy vs. Isolation (Twenty Years Old)

Generativity vs. Stagnation (Thirty-Eight Years Old)

Part Six: The House Always Wins

Chapter 116 (Sarah)

Chapter 117 (Anton)

Chapter 118 (Chester)

Chapter 119 (Michel)

Chapter 120

Chapter 121

Chapter 122

Chapter 123

Chapter 124

Chapter 125

Chapter 126 (Sarah)

Chapter 127 (Emilia)

Chapter 128 (Billy)

Chapter 129 (Avis)

Chapter 130 (Sarah)

Chapter 131

Chapter 132

Chapter 133

Chapter 134

Chapter 135

Chapter 136

Chapter 137

Chapter 138

Chapter 139

Chapter 140

Chapter 141

Epilogue: The Irish Pawn

“Premier Geste,” or “The First Move

“Gambit della Regina,” or “The Queen’s Gambit”

“Reyes Caza,” or “The King’s Hunt”

Part 6: Recap (1/2)

Part 6: Recap (2/2)

~End Book One~

Moments in Time

The Gentleman Thief

Girl Out of Jersey

The Arm of the Law

The Duality of Human Nature

The Mind At Work

The Lone Star of Texas

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